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 $84.95 CAL-540

Product Description

The smallest and lightest portable power unit on the market. Easily stored in glovebox, center console or purse. Includes a Universal USB Charging Adapter with Apple 30 Pin, Apple Thunderbolt, Micro USB, Mini USB Jumper Cables, and AC & DC Charging Adapters. 200 Cold Cranking Amps. Uses high capacity, high powered battery, that is fast charging and has low self-discharge. Cycles can reach up to 1000 times. Features 12 Volt emergency starter, LED Flashlight and USB port for charging cell phones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, etc. LED Flashlight features three lighting modes: Standard, Strobe, SOS Signal. Multiple built in safety features with patented technology. 5" L x 3" H x 1" W. Weight: .75 lbs.